ACCON – Algorithms for the Capacity Crunch problem in Optical Networks

Pays impliqués : France, Chili, Argentine, Uruguay

Projet Stic_AmSud

The rapid increase in demand for bandwidth from existing networks has caused a growth in the use of telecommunications technologies, especially WDM optical networks. So far, communication technologies have been able to meet the bandwidth demand. Nevertheless, this decade researchers have anticipated a coming “Capacity Crunch” potential problem associated with these networks. It refers to fact that the transmission capacity limit on optical fibers is close to be reached in the near future. It is then urgent to make the current network architectures evolve, in order to satisfy the relentless exponential growth in bandwidth demand. In other words, the performance bottleneck for optical infrastructures is concentrated around this limiting situation, and the most efficient way of preparing the future of these fundamental technological systems that support the backbone of the Internet is to focus on solving the related management problems.

In the previously described scientific context, the ACCON project has a main scientific goal: the development of new strategies capable to provide better resource management techniques to face the threat of the Capacity Crunch. To this end, we will explore the utilization of different analytical techniques to evaluate the performance of several network architecture paradigms, in order to assess their viability in the near future. This will provide us the needed insight leading to finding new strategies for efficiently managing the network resources, and consequently, to contribute addressing this coming Capacity Crunch problem.

Coordinateurs : 
Marta Barría M., Universidad de Valparaíso, CHILI
Reinaldo Vallejos, Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, CHILI
Héctor Cancela B., Universidad de la República, URUGUAY
Leslie Murray, Universidad Nacional de Rosario, ARGENTINA
Gerardo Rubino, INRIA Rennes-Bretagne Atlantique, FRANCE