O2ERF – Optimizing energy efficiency in radio frequency communications

Pays impliqués : France, Brésil, Uruguay

Projet Stic_AmSud

In this project we will reduce the power consumption of an RF communication system working at several levels in order to achieve a real breakthrough in energy efficiency. As a first level, there is technology. We will use FDSOI for its low leakage current and low variability of the threshold voltage, which enables working with low supply voltages, while maintaining the performance of the analog and digital circuits. This reduction in supply voltage has a direct impact on consumption. We will also reduce power consumption at circuit design level, of each of the system components. In particular, we will rely on current reuse techniques (current reuse) or by working below the conduction threshold of the transistors (subthtreshold) in moderate or low inversion regime. At system level, we will use a low-power technique, called RF power gating, consisting of varying the active time ratio (ATR) of the RF front end at a symbol time scale. This technique is especially well suited for adapting the power consumption of the receiver to the performance needs without changing its architecture.

Coordinateurs : 
Carlos Galup Montoro – UFSC – BRAZIL
Fernando Silveira – Universidad de la República – URUGUAY
Sylvain Bourdel – IMPE-LaHC – FRANCE